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ChadThe Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are the greatest documents in political history.

Chad will help you understand why.

Trying to learn the Constitution can be an overwhelming idea.  But wouldn’t you love to do it if it were simple and fun?

Sound impossible?  Not any more.

The key is to learn not only what is in the Constitution, but why it’s in there and how it works.

Chad helps you do exactly that with his unique speaking style that is both entertaining and memorable.

Do you have a passion for liberty but have hard time explaining your ideas?

The concepts that Chad teaches will help you relate the Constitution to current events and communicate your point of view to others more clearly.

Is your organization planning a meeting or event that you want to stand out?  Do you want it to inspire your members to believe that they can make a difference?

Chad can help give your next event a professional feel and make sure your attendees leave with a valuable experience.

Book Chad — you’ll never look at the Constitution the same way again!