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The History of Thanksgiving Matters

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The story about Thanksgiving that we teach in schools is increasingly sanitized and politically correct.  At this point, it bears almost no basis in what really happened.  As I explain in this video, that’s not something we should just shrug off as no big deal:

James Madison’s Speech on a National Bank

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In this video, I talk about James Madison’s speech to Congress on a National Bank.  In that speech, he makes a fascinating point about this concept of implied powers.  Here is the specific quote that I reference in this video:

In admitting or rejecting a constructive authority, not only the degree of its incidentality to an express authority, is to be regarded, but the degree of its importance also; since on this will depend the probability or improbability of its being left to construction.

Is Internet Access Now a Basic Human Right?

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In our current political debate, people are constantly talking about their rights. It’s not hard to find people discussing a supposed right to free birth control, a right to broadband internet, or whatever the cause of the day happens to be. But most of us throw around the term “right” without ever stopping to consider what it actually means.

If we want our government and our Constitution to be effective at protecting our rights, then we need to make sure that we understand what a legitimate right actually is. So let’s go back to the basics and discuss this idea a natural rights.

As I explained this weekend on TheBlaze Radio’s Chris Salcedo Show, your right are those areas of your life that belong only to you. They are so personal that no one can violate them without also violating your humanity:

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Why it Matters When the Government Violates our Constitution

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If you’re anything like me, you are extremely troubled by the fact that the federal government almost completely disregards our Constitution. But when you talk with your friends and family about it, a lot of them aren’t terribly concerned. They just can’t see why the government violating our Constitution matters to them personally.

Most of the people I talk to have never lived outside the United States, so living in a relatively safe and peaceful country is all they’ve ever known. It’s hard for them to imagine anything else. Because of that, when I try to explain to them the dangers that an out of control government poses to regular people their immediate reaction is to shug their shoulders and say, “Yeah… but that could never happen here.”

But as I explained this weekend on TheBlaze Radio’s Chris Salcedo Show, we have to change that mindset:

There are governments all over the world that do horrific things to the people in their countries. And remember, all men are created equal. So if the people in those other countries are fundamentally the same as you and me, why can’t it happen here?

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